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Removing grout from tiles can be really tough. But, it needs to be done whenever you think to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Also, it would harden more and more as the time passes. Cement and sand when come in regular contact with water creates grout. This is an important material as it provides strength to the tiles and prevents them from shifting, but when it needs to be removed, equal force needs to be reciprocated to remove it as well. You might need to hire a professional contractor for the purpose, but if you learn how to use the Grout Removal Tool yourself, you can save a lot of money.

Before Removing the Grout

There is a wide range of grout removing tools available in the market. You can use any of them as per your convenience. Some of the factors that would affect your choice include your budget, the type of grout that you want to remove, the frequency of grout removal and others. Power tools are used for cleaning heavy grout while manual tools are used for cleaning small amount of grout. If you need to remove a very small amount of grout, you can use a sharp knife or something like that as a Grout Removal Tool.

Grout Removal ToolWhen you would start the process of grout removal, debris would fly and it might damage your appliances. Hence, cover them using a rough cloth or you can put old newspapers over them and seal the edges using painter’s tape. If you ignore this step, you might have to double your effort.

Do not start the grout cleaning process right away without proper protection for yourself. Wear safety glasses so that debris does not get into your eyes, use a dusk mask, especially if you are allergic to dust. Also, wear cut resistant gloves, otherwise your hands may become dry afterwards. If there is a lot of grout to be removed, you might need to wear knee pads.

While Removing the Grout

First of all, make a middle cut between the grout lines using a carbide blade. Make sure that you apply these cuts to all the grout lines.

Next, use a grout scrapper and starting from the cut you made in previous step, strip off the grout. Keep on applying pressure while dragging the scrapper. One by one, clean all the tiles using this strategy. You might need to scrap the grout multiple times if it is very deep in nature. You can also use a chisel in place of grout scraper.

In the end, when you have removed grout from all the tiles, do not forget to give a finishing touch to the floor by scraping off the tiny remains. For this, you can use a chisel. Hold it in parallel with the floor and tap it using a hammer lightly. Finally, sweep the floor using a broom so that little pieces of grout are driven away.

After Removing the Grout

Once you are sure that the grout is cleaned from your side, remove the papers that you put on the appliances and the painter’s tape as well. And wash the tiles using a mild soap solution and then rinse it using a large amount of cold water. If there are some remains of grout, clean them using scrubber. At this point, they wold have been loosened enough to get cleaned by scrubber.

If you are going to change the tiles, then you are done, but in case you want to keep the tiles and the whole process was just to remove the grout between the tiles, then after washing, take care to immediately wipe the tiles using a dry cloth. If you delay this step, the grout remains might go back to the tiles and harden, which in turn, would increase your work. Before you wipe down the tiles, you can spray a mixture of vinegar and lukewarm water over the tiles to bring shine to them. All you need to do is take vinegar and water in equal amount and mix them in a spray bottle.



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