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What are the Various Grout Removal Tools?

If you want to remove grout from your kitchen tiles quickly, there is no better method than to use a grout removal tool. A wide variety of grout removal tools present in the market might confuse you. But, a little research would help you select the right tool. Mostly, power tools are preferred by people as they require less effort and help to clean the grout quickly. Some of the grout removal tools have been discussed here:

1.    Dremel

You can use dremel as a grout removing tool in order to clean the grout easily. The good thing about this tool is that it is available at an affordable rate. You can buy this tool at the hardware store and if you can afford, order a grout removal kit along with it. This tool has the advantage that it can go as much deeper into the grout as you want by using the guide properly.

The disadvantage of this tool is that it gets overheated often. And, due to that, it might wear out very soon. According to some users, this tool does not work well with a grout whose width is less than one-eighth of an inch.

Grout Removal Tool2.    Screwdriver and Hammer

These grout removal tools have been in practice since many years. The good thing about them is that they are generally available in every home and one need not spend exclusively on them. In the past, there was no other Grout Removal Tool available other than these. These are also safe to use as people as experienced using them.

Coming to the disadvantage of these tools, they might make you a put a lot of effort into the entire process when you could do the same thing in a much less time. Also, they are not accurate, you might happen to damage something while removing grout using screwdriver and hammer.

3.    Grout Grabber

This is yet another grout removal tool that works by fitting on to a saw. When you pull the saw back, the grout grabber would move forward and it would grind the grout that is covering the tile. This tool has an advantage that it is less risky and it would not crack the tile in any case. Also, you can use this tool for walls as well as for floor.

But, this tool also has a disadvantage. The blade used is very thin. Hence, you would have to repeat the grout removal process multiple times so as the get the grout cleaned completely. Also, you would need a reciprocating saw for the grout grabber to work.

4.    Power Grinder

This is an efficient tool as it operates fast and cleans the grout within a short period of time. You can buy it from the hardware store or rent it.

Again, the disadvantages are there. Since the tool tends to overheat, it might loosen or crack the tiles. So, you need to use it carefully.

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